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Local Coordinator Selection Criteria

Lone Star FIJA

 Ideal candidate:

  • Understands and is committed to LS-FIJA ideas
  • Can speak well (and is willing to do so on behalf of LS-FIJA)
  • Can dress for public appearances in a way that will make a positive impression
  • Willing to commit at least several hours per week to LS-FIJA activities
  • Has telephone answer machine, fax capability, email, and a computer
  • Is not afraid to contact strangers to encourage action for LS-FIJA or outreach for LS-FIJA
  • LS-FIJA is primary volunteer/civic activity

Minimum Requirements:

  • Understands and is committed to LS-FIJA ideas
  • Has telephone answer machine and email capability


  • Past or present member of racist organization or has written or distributed racist literature
  • Is not, or considers oneself not to be a citizen of the United States

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Last modified: November 27, 2003